We offer a range of services from Top-rated certified professionals who have been in the industry for years. All of our therapists have been vetted and undergone thorough assessment before being allowed to provide their service to you. We promise the best!

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Salon quality products

We work with our professionals to ensure you always receive  the best treatment. They work with a selection of top-grade products including products from our own Hybrd range.

‘Healthy Aging’ Spa Range

Hybrd’s Paraben-Free Prima “Healthy Aging” Range is made up of key components to help regenerate healthy, firm skin cells while smoothing the skin and leaving it youthfully revitalized.

Enjoy Luxury Spa Treatment at Home with the perfect combination of champagne, caviar extract, gold shine and skin loving ingredients.

Natural Mineral Makeup

Hybrds Mineral Makeup Range contains all natural ingredients to help nourish the skin while providing excellent, flawless coverage. Great for sensitive skin and eyes.

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